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Why Volunteer?

People volunteer with 4-H for many reasons. One obvious benefit is to help guide and mentor our country’s future citizens and leaders. Volunteers also develop new leadership skills, meet new friends, and have great adventures.

Adult volunteers play an important role in 4-H youth education programs. They coordinate local community clubs and help to plan and conduct local, regional, state, and national 4-H events.

4-H volunteers help 4-Hers to:

  • Learn by doing
  • Develop leadership and life skills
  • Make new friends
  • Give back to the community
  • Build connections with others
  • Prepare, do, and share.

What does a club leader do?


  • Works with the members to plan club activities and events.
  • Chaperones youth activities and field trips.
  • Facilitates education through “hands-on” learning experiences.
  • Supports and creates local community service opportunities.
  • Serves as a role model and mentor for youth.
  • Teaches youth important life and work skills.
  • Shares his or her special knowledge and interests with young people.

Ready to get started? Contact the Plymouth County Extension office  today to learn about becoming a 4-H volunteer. 774-404-7020


Who can volunteer?

Any adult with an interest in young people is welcome to volunteer. You do not need to be an "expert." Parents, professionals, homemakers, teachers, youth leaders, and other caring adults serve as 4-H volunteers. Adult volunteers “Learn by Doing” along with the 4-H members they work with.  The only requirements to volunteer for 4-H are enthusiasm and a desire to work with young people.

4-H volunteers also serve on Advisory and Program Councils, teach workshops, raise funds, recruit new members or volunteers, judge at fairs and contests, or work with an Educator as a middle manager organizing and implementing events. Volunteers also serve on camp and fair boards.  4-H is flexible and volunteer work can be suited to a variety of lifestyles!

Volunteer today!

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Current Volunteer Information



All 4-H clubs must meet 4-H club guidelines and must be led by screened volunteers.  Once a club has fulfilled all requirements it is chartered by UMass Extension 4-H.  The club charter stays with the club for the life of this club and should be passed to the new 4-H leader if club leadership changes.  Every club must file an Annual 4-H Club Report with their local 4-H Educator.  This annual report covers the time period of July 1 - June 30 and is due on August 31st of each year. Clubs that do not report annually will have their charters revoked and will cease to operate as 4-H clubs.  The 4-H club will not be active in 4honline until the report is filed and accepted. 

Every club and council must file the 990N with the IRS each year between July 1 and August 31st. 

Financial Management, Insurance and Report Forms


Annually in August club leaders are required to file with the County 4-H  a annual 4-H report as well as a 990N form.  

For more detailed information visit the Massachusetts 4-H web page

Responsibilities for Paying Taxes on Raffle Proceeds


Raffles are a game of chance managed through the Massachusetts Lottery Commission. Further information and regulations, as required by the Office of the Attorney General, can be located at: www.masslottery.com or at www.mass.gov; go to Attorney General.

940 CMR 12.00 Regulations Governing Raffles


State law requires that charitable organizations follow these guidelines in order to hold a raffle for fundraising purposes. If the raffle prize exceeds $10,000 or a single ticket price exceeds $10, see item number 4 in this document.

A charitable gaming permit must be received from the town clerk's office in the town where the winning number is going to be drawn. Each town charges a fee in a general range of $10-$50 for the permit.

Tickets can still be sold in any town.
The permit is good for one year and for an unlimited number of raffles.

For more detailed requirements visit the Massachusetts 4-H site. 

Field trip form must be filled out each time club goes on field-trip.


Massachusetts 4-H Foundations Grants


4-H Publicity Incentive Program

4-H Clubs can receive $50 for each published, unique newspaper article that mentions their club name. There is a limit of three awards per club each year.

Clubs may also receive a publicity award for special publicized events, including Visual Presentation day, National Youth Science Day, and the Big E. Grants for publication of these events will not count towards a club's the three articles per year maximum.

Click here to fill out the online Publicity Incentive Form

4-H Club Grants

The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation is pleased to be able to provide direct support to enrolled 4-H clubs and Program Councils in Massachusetts in the form of club/council grants. These grants are available for special projects or needs that the group has which support the educational program and 4-H priorities. Grants are not meant to be used for member awards, travel expenses, tee shirts, etc.

These grants will be awarded quarterly. Applications will be reviewed on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

Click here to fill out your club grant application


4-H Club Matching Grant Program

The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation offers a matching grant program to 4-H Clubs that organize a fundraising activity or event to raise money for their club or community. We will match the amount of money a club raises corresponding to the number of club members. To qualify, a club must apply for the grant at least three weeks prior to the event and submit a request for funds within three weeks following the event. Each club is guaranteed only two matching grants for qualifying fundraisers. In the event of remaining funds at the end of the year, additional approved applications will be considered in the order of which they were received.

Click here to fill out the Step 1 Matching Grant Form (submit this form three weeks prior to your event)

Click here to fill out the Step 2 Matching Grant Form (submit this form within three weeks after your event)

New club Forms

 New clubs must have the below three forms on file with 4-H office to be a chartered Club.  Clubs may not meet until these three forms are accepted by the 4-H office and an adult volunteer passes a full screening ( reference checks and CORI)