4-H Records


4-H Records

  Record keeping is an important life skill and all 4-H members are encouraged to keep written records of their 4-H club year. These records are turned in to the local 4-H office by October 1st of each year and each record is evaluated. Each member receives constructive feedback to help improve record keeping skills and may receive a ribbon, county medal or other award for effort and achievement. 


What are 4-H Records

 A 4-H record is an organized, written account of the progress, personal growth and accomplishments of the member, gained through participation in 4-H as well as other programs and activities. The process of record keeping teaches youth valuable skills in goal setting, planning and organizing, critical thinking, record keeping and other life and work skill areas. All youth are encouraged to keep records in 4-H. 


Why Keep 4-H Records


  • to keep track of dates and important information.
  • to recall events, experiences and activities.
  • to compare progress and growth from year to year.
  • to document and show what has been achieved.
  • to provide assistance in managing resources, such as money and time.
  • for use in selecting members to receive recognition for their accomplishments.
  • as an important resource for future use such as college or job applications and resumes.