4-H at the Marshfield Fair


About 4-H at the Fair

Each year in late August you will find Plymouth County 4-H Youth at the Marshfield Fair.  Each youth works all year preparing their animal for this big event.  Please come to the fair and see the wonderful world of 4-H in Plymouth County.  

We Look Forward to seeing you at the 

152nd  Marshfield Fair

August 16-25, 2019

Fair Book for 4-H exhibition can be found in the downloads box below. 

Download 4-H Exhibitor Handbook

Water Booth Fundraiser


Water Booth Volunteers Needed

Please keep an eye out for an email from Marie regarding the need for adult volunteers for selling water at the fair.  This is part of our biggest fundraiser of the year. Start thinking about what day you can give us a few hours in the booth.  Thank you in advance for your help.


How can you Help Support Plymouth County 4-H


Donations needed for 4-H Auction

We are now out soliciting for donations for the annual 4-H auction at the Marshfield Fair.   Please help 4-H by providing a donation to the Auction. Please ask friends and family that may be able to donate.  Any donation is appreciated.  For more info please contact Cathy at:  774-404-7020

Auction Flyer

4-H club and Exhibitor Information

Plymouth County 4-H Club Banner Contest



The 4-H Banner Contest will be held at the Marshfield Fair, August 16 – 25, 2019. The purpose of the 4-H Banner Contest will be for ALL 4-H clubs to be represented at the fair. Banners will be displayed in the Dairy and Beef barns and will remain up for the entire 10 day fair. This will help to show off all Plymouth County 4-H clubs regardless of if they participate in livestock and animal shows at the fair. 

All 4-H Clubs are eligible to participate. Each Banner must be 6 feet wide by 3 feet tall. We prefer that all banners are made from supplied felt. In addition, all banners must have 5, 2 inch tabs sewn to the top back of the banner so they can be hung properly in the barns.  There are additional criteria to follow, please see 4-H Banner Contest score sheet for more information. 

All 4-H Banners are due to the Plymouth County Extension Office by August 1st. Any banners received after this date will not be eligible for prizes and may not be displayed during the fair. 

If you have questions about this contest, please contact Valerie at  the Plymouth County Extension Office at 774-404-7022 or email Valerie @ vschell@umass.edu 

Banner contest submission form and details below in downloads section. 

Tour – 4-H barns ~~~~Fill out & submit Entry Forms



If you cannot make one of the days below and want our help, please call office to set up an appointment. Either Molly or I would be happy to set up a time to go over the forms. 

~Monday- July 8 2-6 PM, at the Marshfield 

Fairgrounds for tours and help with paperwork. 

~Tuesday, July 9 3-7 PM here at the 4-H Office 

~Wed-Thursday, 8-3 by appointment for clubs/parents that need to meet with us at the 4-H office. 

~Friday July 12- Paperwork to Plymouth County Extension by 12 PM 

For all youth and parents participating at Marshfield Fair

Come meet Molly & Valerie at the fair grounds for a tour of the barns.

They will help fill out, check and submit entry forms for the fair.

Entries are due by July 12, 2019

All clubs that are participating at Marshfield are encouraged to attend so we can double check all paperwork prior to submitting. 

This will speed up the check in process on the day animals arrive at fair.  


Download 4-H Exhibitor Handbook

Entries due by July 12, 2019


Download your Exhibitor handbook for details about showing and participating at the 2018 Marshfield Fair. 

Download 4-H exhibitor Handbook