Outreach Programs


Canine Encounters


Learn about dogs; what are they thinking? Care, training and health in an interactive program for young and old.

Puppy Dog Tails is geared for younger children preschool to First Grade. We will read a story on dog ownership with a certified pet therapy dog, who  will demonstrate some common dog behavior cues.

Barkology 101 is geared for ages 8 and up and explorers the intricate communication of dogs, their behavior, care, health and breeds. Students meet a certified pet therapy dog who will demonstrate the lessons and can learn about training and how to approach a dog.  

Contact Cathy to book Canine Encounters Program 774-404-7020

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Entomology in the Classroom *BUGS

Backyard Bugs

(General entomology presentation)

There’s a mysterious alien world waiting for you just in your backyard! Together, we will explore some of the insects found at home and how they have come to solve the challenges of life.

The Importance of Little Things

(Native Pollinators)

Before the introduction of honey bees from Europe, all our flowering plants were pollinated by native pollinators. Learn about some of our American species of pollinators and what you can do to protect them.


More BUG talk!!!

 Hate Ticks?

Do you hate ticks? Learn about the methods you can use to protect yourself from ticks and the diseases they can spread!


Butterflies represent some of the most beautiful and helpful creatures in our world: think of them as real-life fairies! Together we will explore some of the amazing world of butterflies in our own backyard.

Fly Fishing

For many centuries, people have been trying to attract fish by mimicking some of their favorite foods: insects. Come learn about the history and some of the basics surrounding the delicate art and skill of fly fishing.

Contact Blake for booking entomology programs bdinius@plymouthcountyma.gov

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Both Entomology in the classroom and Canine Encounters are programs that can be offered at just about any location.  Not excluive to school.  Libraries, senior centers and  most public events will qualify.  Contact us today to find out how Plymouth County Extension 4-H  can enhance your program.

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