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See below for the download link to the  Field of Dreams power point presentation by the Plymouth County 4-H youth committee. 

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Field of Dreams Wish List

Plymouth County 4-H Needs your help

Plymouth County 4-H Needs your help

Plymouth County 4-H Needs your help


Many of you know that we have been working on a Field of Dreams project at the Plymouth County Farm. We have secured 16 acres for 4-H and community educational use. We are now in the build it stage. We have secured some funding for the infrastructure. We still need quite a bit of supplies to get this off the ground below is the basic wish list. We are starting this fiscal year with a Greenhouse, Large Community Garden, Poultry and Classroom Space. If you can help in any way either monetarily sponsorship or supplies please contact Valerie or Molly at 774-404-7022 or 774-404-7021.

Plymouth County 4-H Needs your help

Plymouth County 4-H Needs your help

Backpack Sprayer
Bean trellis
Bucket - Rain Barrel
Bucket - small water
Bucket - Trash
Chain link fence & installation 40' x 40'
Compost bin
Compost Fork
Electric Edger

 Garden Fork
Garden Hoe
Gardening gloves
Gas Edger
Hand Trowel
Handheld Sprayer
Hose - soaking
Lawn mower - trailer
Leaf Blower
Planting bench
Post Hole digger
Potato Fork
Rake - plastic
Rake- metal

  RIde-on Lawn Mower
Roto - Tiller
Seed Starting trays
Shed ( ideal size 12 x 14)
Soil Scoop
Spading Fork
Square Shovel
Step-On Edger
String Trimmer
Tomato cages
Topiary Shears
Trailer Sprayer
Watering can
Weed barrier
Wheel Edger
Wheelbarrow - 4 wheel 

Field of Dreams Project

Since June of 2019 a group of 4-H members, parents and volunteers have been working on developing a presentation that outlines the needs of our 4-H community within Plymouth County. 

On November 7, 2019 the of dedicated 4-H youth presented to local elected officials this  detailed business plan for the Field of Dreams project.  They have received overwhelming support from the community and elected officials. 

Check back frequently for updates.  

If you want to join the committee for the Field of Dreams project please contact Valerie at 774-404-7022


 You are are going to need us